“Enlightenment and Empowerment through Quality Education”

Knowledge has the power to obliterate ignorance, pessimism, falsehood and incivility from people and effect spiritual, moral, cultural and social transformation. Knowledge bestows upon us vigour, confidence and ability such that we are able to effectively translate our right thoughts into right actions. All these happen only through right education.

College has devised and adopted this vision statement with a view to blend the true goal and value of education with the delivery system in so much as the teacher and the taught play their respective roles effectively.

  • To mould students into well-informed, competent, righteous and humane individuals who would not only serve as good citizens of our nation but also play definitive and constructive roles in nation building. To inculcate the desirable values amongst students commensurate with the social, democratic, cultural, nationalistic, economic, environmental realities, through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities.
  • To kindle the spirit of inquisition and scientific temper amongst students so that their attitudes and approaches toward individual and societal issues are just and reasonable.
  • To meet the academic needs and aspirations of the student community through good educational infrastructure and delivery system.
  • To promote use of ICT, ITES and E-resources in teaching and learning and governance to keep in pace with the developments in other spheres of human endeavour.
  • To prepare the students to achieve core competencies and skills to face the domestic and global requirements by establishing collaborations with industries, research centers, enterprising agencies, placement centers etc.
  • To provide broad choice of courses in conventional and vocational streams and also in career oriented add on streams so that a student could pursue the subject of his interest while also opting for parallel sub disciplines that provide expertise and skills needed for gaining entry into service, industry and self-employment sectors.
  • To promote research culture, continuous learning, consultancy services, extension activities among staff and students.
  • To build and sustain quality and excellence in the ongoing academic programmes
  • To encourage and support women to break the barriers of inequalities and readily participate in the matters of societal and national concern and also to take lead in decision making.
  • To safeguard the interests of slow learners of the disadvantaged communities and groups through remedial coaching so as to enable them to come up to the level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently and also secure gainful employment.
  • To give proportionate importance to personality development, life skills, value system, career needs, vocational skills, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities so that a student’s overall development is ensured.