The college emblem has ten prominent elements

Motto – “ Character is the supreme ornament”(There is nothing as decorative as Virtuous character)
Fire/Torch light – Burning desire for knowledge and Enlightenment
Sky – Eternity, Cover for lives to prosper
Earth/Land – Fertile mind where ideas can emerge
Water – Perennial flow of life which takes everything in its stride
Wind/Green tree – Nature, Rejuvenation, Innovative ideas
Mountain/Hill – Magnanimity, Might
Motto – Formidability, Strength
Raging Bull – Odikathi/Peechekathi – Combating spirit, ability for self defence, culture, heritage
Fort – Power, Protection

Annotation: – The emblem represents the harmony of five elements of the nature (land, water, fire, wind, sky) with our lives, our thoughts, our actions and our goals (spiritual and material). 

The Light that glows brightly, that which is responsible for the creation, persistence and prosperity of the living world, shall glow ever radiantly and lead us from darkness (ignorance) to light (wisdom); let us bring light to t he lives of have-nots.

Let the Sky bestow upon us broadness of mind, largeness of heart, noble thoughts and higher goals.

May the noble ‘Earth’ (land/Nature) bless us with the virtue of forgive and forget, make our thoughts fertile and bring kindness and compassion into our thoughts and deeds.

Like the Water, may our lives take everything in its strides, let’s be pure at our heart, thoughts and actions and be beneficial to others.

Like the Wind (or tree) that represents purity of life, that which is ever livid and fresh, renewing itself, shall we be inspired lead a pure and just lives, shed our outdated beliefs and practices and to accept the new wisdom; let’s like the most beneficent Vriksha (tree) be kind and helpful.

Let us engage with Eternal knowledge that provides us strength and vigour to fight like a Bull against untruth and injustice.

Like a mountain that shoulders burden of world let’s be magnanimous and benevolent.

Like the fort let’s defend the interest of the weak and downtrodden and give them solace and succour.

Let us cherish the noble ideals of our bygone elders, respect our nation, its heritage and culture.