Established in 1960 the undergraduate laboratory for B.Sc and M.Sc students is equipped with several equipment in different branches in Physics.The lab is divided into Two Sections one is UG General lab and the other is UG Optics Lab. Lab training reinforces the student’s understanding of fundamental concepts and principles while, at the same time, helping the student to develop skill in carrying out scientific measurements. Research laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment for research on experimental materials science, synthesis and characterisation of materials.
The equipment are:



Chemistry lab of this college is one of the best facilities available in the Mangalore university area. The department has state of art laboratories for two branches – Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. The exclusive Research lab caters to requirements to carry out research leading to Ph.D Programme in Chemistry.


Botany lab caters to the requirements of B.Sc students. The lab is well equipped with Research Microscope, pH meter, Colorimeter and other equipment. Department of botany maintains a Green House with more than 100 pots.


Zoology lab caters to the requirements of B.Sc students. The lab is well equipped with range of products including Compound Microscope , Dissection Microscope, Dissection Box, Bone Cutter, Hand Magnifying Lens and Laboratory Spatulas.


Computer lab  is equipped with 80 computers, all with genuine Windows 7 and above versions Operating system and software required for teaching undergraduate students. These computers are Internet enabled and are available for students for their various computing needs.


Microbiology Lab has equipment that include microscopes, slides, test tubes, petri dishes, growth mediums, both solid and liquid; inoculation loops, pipettes and tips, incubators, autoclaves and laminar flow hoods.