Average number of research projects per teacher funded by government and non-government agencies during the last five years
Name of Principal Investigator Duration of project Name of the research project Amount / Fund received (Lakhs) Name of funding agency Year of sanction Department of recipient  
Dr.  Jagannatha N 2011-16 Growth and Optical electrical, Structural Characterisation of doped single Crystals 30 VGST 2011 Physics  
Dr. Shridar R Hegde 2012-14 Translation of Hindi and Kannada 7.12 UGC 2012 Hindi  
Dr. T.D.Thimmaiah 2013-15 Sustainable Tourism Development of Southern States India 6.36 UGC 2013 Economics  
Dr. J.G.Manjunatha 2014-15 A novel sensitive electrochemical method for the determination of mitoxantrone anticancer drug at surfactant modified carbon nanotube paste electrode 5 DST-VGST 2014 Chemistry  
Dr. M. Kumaraswamy 2014-16 Kannada press and Nationalism in South Canara: 1920-1947 1.5 UGC 2014 History  
Dr. Rajendra. R 2014-16 Some Results on Algebra Bundles 1.65 UGC 2014 Mathematics  
Ms. P.A Geethanjali 2014-15 SSF Technique for Lingninase Production and Management of Agricultural waste using letter fungi harboring 5.25 UGC 2014 Microbiology  
Mr. Ravishankar M.N 2014-15 Novel Datamining Tool for phylogenetic analysis of HIV Molecular sequences 5 UGC 2014 Computer Science  
Dr. A.N Gayathri 2014-15 Sexual harassment of working women in Tumkur 2.2 UGC 2014 Sociology  
Maj. Raghava. B 2014-15 Man and Nature in Kodagu with special reference to the scared Groves 2.45 UGC 2014 History  
Dr. Renushree H.K 2014-15 Valuation of nature-based tourism resources: A case study of Kodagu District 2.4 UGC 2014 Economics  
Dr. Nayana K.S 2014-15 From writing to renunciation 1.8 UGC 2014 English  
Dr. Thippeswamy .E 2014-15 Opportunities and challenges of Homestays in Tourism Industry of Kodagu District in Karnataka 2.5 UGC 2014 Economics  
Dr. Gayathri Devi .A 2014-15 Impact of Capital Structure and turn over ratios on shareholders return 1.4 UGC 2014 Commerce  
Mr. Suresh 2014-15 Contribution of (NGO) to social development: A study of Kodagu District of Karnataka State 2 UGC 2014 Economics  
Mr. Poonacha K.M 2014-15 Male and female perspectives on corruption in the select Novels of Arun Joshi and Nayanatara Sahgal 1.93 UGC 2014 English  
Dr. J.G Manjunatha 2016-18 Development of Electro chemical senses for the determination of estriol Harmon using polymer modified carbon paste Electrode 0.55 MU 2016 Chemistry  
Dr. Madhava 2016-18 PÀgÁªÀ½ PÀ£ÁðlPÀzÀ vÀļÀÄ AiÀÄPÀëUÁ£À ¥Àæ¸ÀAUÀUÀ¼À zÁR°ÃPÀgÀt ªÀÄvÀÄÛ «±ÉèõÀt 0.45 MU 2016 Kannada  
Mr. Suresh 2016-18 Contribution of NGO to women empowerment: A case study of Kodagu District of Karnataka 0.4 MU 2016 Economics  
Dr. Karunakar N V 2016-18 ¥ÁæzÉòPÀ EwºÁ¸À ¥ÀoÀåªÁVeÁvÉæ-ZÉA§Ä G¼ÁîUÀ¼ï £ÉêÀÄzÀ «±ÉñÀ CzsÀåAiÀÄ£À 0.45 MU 2016 Kannada  
Dr. M.P. Krishna 2016-18 Studies on Fresh Water fishes in Cauvery River of western chats-in Kodagu District- Karnataka 1.5 UGC 2016 Zoology  
Ms.Kamala K.P 2016-18 A study of mobilization and deployment of funds in K.S.C Apex Bank LTD 0.5 UGC 2016 Commerce  
Mr. Pradeep Bhandary 2016-18 Innovative training and development practice in Tourism service sector with special reference to resorts in Coorg –A case study of Club Mahindra 0.6 UGC 2016 Commerce  
Dr. J.G Manjunatha 2016-18 A Novel Volta metric Senor Based on Grapheme Paste Electrochemical Determination of Melatonin 4.2 UGC 2016 Chemistry  
Dr. Madhava 2016-18 Documentation and Analysis of Mythological Episodes of Thenkuthithu Yakshagana of Coastal Karnataka 0.65 UGC 2016 Kannada