Rules for the promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism

1. Every student/researcher submitting a thesis, dissertation, term papers, reports or any other such documents to the HEI is required to submit an undertaking stating that the document has been prepared by him and it is his original work and free from plagiarism. This undertaking shall also include a statement that the document has been checked through a plagiarism detection tool.

2. All supervisions/guides are also required to submit a certificate indicating that the work done by the researcher under him/her is free of plagiarism.

3. Soft copies of all M.Phil dissertations and Ph.D thesis (after the degree is awarded) should be submitted to the INFLIBNET for hosting in the digital repository ‘Shodh Ganga’ e-repository Programme of the Mangalore University website. This website will include all dissertations, thesis, papers, publication and other in-house publications of all faculty members, researchers, students etc.

4. If anyone detects that a case of plagiarism has happened in any document, he shall report the matter to the Principal and the complaint will be referred to the Mangalore University to take appropriate action.